If you have been thinking of a jammer that you can use whenever you go, then a portable WiFi Bluetooth jammer is the real deal. The portable jammers come in handy when you want to prevent unauthorized communications and reduce distractions anywhere you go. Check out your preferred bluetooth jammer at All Deal, and you will be happy to block unauthorized communications between electronic devices. But how do you ensure that you get the best from your portable WiFi Bluetooth jammers?

How to effectively use your portable WiFi Bluetooth jammers

The moment you buy a jammer, you will realize that there are few things that, if you know they, will help maximize its performance and safety. Your purchase manual will reveal a lot of things, but in addition to that, let us help you make use of your device and protect your space from serious security concerns like cyber-attacks. Here are the tips.

Understand how the devices work

One of the most important tips for using WiFi Bluetooth jammers is understanding how they work. There are various WiFi jammers, like Bluetooth, radio, and cell phone jammers. They essentially serve the same purpose. However, they work differently. Bluetooth WiFi jammers block internet and Bluetooth signals. This means that they keep electronic devices from interacting via Bluetooth connection. They also prevent electronic devices from connecting to the internet. This provides twice the benefits of jammers. They prevent people from communicating with their devices or using their gadgets.

Get the right portable Bluetooth WiFi jammer

Another effective tip is using the right jammer. It would help if you had the perfect jammer that can block Bluetooth and WiFi signals. Below are some elements to consider as you get the right jammer;

  • Consider the frequency at which your devices communicate. Do not neglect the WiFi router frequency. A jammer that can adjust to different frequencies would be perfect.
  • Check the channels your router can use, then get one that can use more than one channel.
  • Research the various options.
  • Consider the prices and how each option works.

Ensure they are set up correctly

You would also benefit from setting up the jammers correctly. This is the only way to enjoy their benefits. Learning how to set up a WiFi Bluetooth jammer is easy once you have chosen the ideal device. Most jammers come with an instruction manual to help you with the setup. Setting up portable jammers is especially easier; they are designed for easy application since they are portable. Therefore, following the manual instructions should do the trick.

Determine the right location

The location of the portable WiFi Bluetooth jammer influences how it works. Experts recommend a one to the three-meter distance between the jammer and your devices. Any electronic gadget beyond this distance will not maximally experience the jamming effect. Some jammers, like 5G WiFi jammers, cover a larger area than others.


WiFi Bluetooth jammers play various roles depending on the model, where the jammer is installed, and what you expect from it. They are used by businesses, corporate institutions, and individuals; they also have broad use in the military and government organizations. Buy your All Deal WiFi Bluetooth jammers today.

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